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Wedding photography from my last wedding that took place in Charlson House in London.

From the bride:

Rugby meets Winnie the Pooh

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” A.A.Milne – Winnie The Pooh
For us on our wedding day what was important were the people we had around us and creating a relaxed and sunny atmosphere for everyone involved. We were lucky to have lots of people who were able to contribute things and help out on the day as well as having really good companies, which helped make everything run smoothly.

The main food and drinks for the day were supplied by Relish who managed to provide for our eclectic food tastes as well as import in Champagne Cider for our toast drink, something myself and the groom both really love, probably due to us both being keen rugby players! Everyone mentioned how lovely the food was and especially liked that there was the option for ‘seconds’ for some who have larger appetites!

The staff at the venue, Charlton House, were fantastically helpful in the lead up and on the day and made everyone feel very welcome. The main reception took place in the Grand Library, which was really in keeping with our passion for books and literature and inspired the idea for the favours.

Everyone had an individual quote on an envelope, which contained seeds to be planted. These also worked as place names for the guests. Our florists were wonderful and provided beautiful and simple arrangements of sunflowers, chrysanthemums, gerberas and wild flowers for the different flower arrangements. The potted sunflowers were then used as gifts to family members and friends who were unable to attend.

We were extremely lucky to have both the main Wedding Cake and all the cakes we had for our ‘Afternoon Tea and Cake’ made for us by friends and family, they were both beautiful to look at and eat and many thanks to Christina and Octavia Hoyte for these.

Finally we had possibly the best luck with our wonderful wedding photographer who truly was there for the entire day from getting ready in the hotel in the morning, till the last guest left the venue, snapping away and capturing the beauty of the best day we’ve had.

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