Contemporary London wedding photography story, with a small and intimate back garden reception

Back garden wedding reception

This contemporary London wedding photography story is about a couple who decided on a small, intimate and layback wedding. The most amazing thing was absolutely the idea to have the reception in their back garden.

You will see throughout this wedding how many little things you can do to transform your back garden in a beautiful and cosy place.

Let’s begin.

The getting ready

While I was getting to the bride and groom house, the very first thing I saw was her dress hanging on the window. Such a great way to begin the wedding day. First, it put me straight away into the wedding day mood. Second, I was sure to be in the right place 🙂

Contemporary London wedding photography

As we begin looking at the wedding dress from the street, let’s have a look at it. In detail, it was definitely an outstanding, elegant and contemporary piece of art.

London wedding photoraphy

The first thing to remember when a wedding photographer gets into the bride and groom house is to take a photo of the environment. It is important to realize that only at the very beginning of the day you might have calm.

For instance, would have been impossible to take these photos late in the morning. First, things get messy. Second, getting ready starts to need your full attention. Third, can be more people around as friends and family joining the bride. In this case, for example, I really loved the wedding bouquet and flowers in the water pot in the toilet. This was exactly what I found when arrived, with my jacket still on. Their position was great with a perfect feeling of wait.

Finally, let’s meet the bride!!

London wedding photography

The getting ready was smooth and easy. Everyone was happy and relaxed. There was no rush and no tension, just exitement and joy. It was a really perfect morning!

The garden

Of course, among the so many lovely things about this wedding, a special mention is for the bride and groom idea to celebrate the wedding day in their home back garden. Before we go on with this London wedding photography, let’s have a sneak peek at the garden setup.

The decorated the back garden fences with many printed photos of themselves. Then, there was a table for drinks, whereas the food was kept inside, as you will see later.

Let’s get back to the getting ready. There is the moment when the mother of the bride and the father of the bride see their daughter with the weddign dress for the first time. Certainly, one of the most emotional moment of the getting ready, and of course, wedding photography speaking, one of the most important to take photos of.

Back to the geting ready

Here, the mother of the bride admiring her daughter.

Let’s get back to wedding preparation. It was still morning, and a lot of things to do left…

london wedding photography

Not to mention, the father of the bride. He was so proud!

…and of course, it was a bit emotional for the bride too 😉

Just few things left before complete the wedding preparation. A photo of the wedding bouquet and the wedding shoes.

Here we are, finally the bride wearing the wedding shoes, the very last thing to do before we can say “we are ready”.

London wedding photograhy

Bridal portraits

Finally the getting ready was over, but it was a bit early. As I said, the whole preparation was smooth and relaxed, with no rush. Everything was very well orginized but without getting crazy with the morning scheduling. At the end, we used this little time before the driver came for some family photos and, of course, some portrait of the bride.

Especially when there is nice weather, and of course a beautiful wedding bouquet, must be remembered to take some photos of the bouquet. This, of course, is a really nice set of photos, very common in the very well known “fine art wedding photography” field. But, most of all, it will remind the bride how lovely it was in the many years to come.

By the way, about the bouquet photos, this was definitely my favourite. I really like her position and the gesture of this moment. Of course, it is a black and white wedding photo too, which can not miss from wedding photos, but alway to aware not to exaggerate with them. In fact, in my opinion, bright and colour photos are the most important things, and we can take a black and white photo only every now and then, to not lower the mood of the photos.

London wedding photography

Let’s end this London wedding photography morning preparation with the last photo of the bouquet. Here the bride and her best friend in the background, a perfect combination indeed.

London wedding photography

The ceremony

We went to church with a classic wedding car. As a tradition, everyone was already there waiting for us. Actually, almost. We had to do one more round around the church with the car because some of the guests were still entering the church. But I have to say, it happens quite often!

The ceremony was nice and traditional, in a very beautiful church, the St. Anne’s Church in Wandsworth.

And finally here we are, the very new husband and wife! The ceremony was over, and, most important, everything was perfect!

The transports to the Chez Bruce reataurant for the wedding lunch

After the ceremony we went to the Chez Bruce restaurant, in Wandsworth common. The wedding guests moved by the classic weddin double-deck bus, whereas the couple and I went there by the same wedding car. It is nice to see the same photo the the bride and her dad, and then, an hour after, the bride and her husband.

The Wandsworth Common park

Before entering the restaurant we took some time for a few photos in the Wandsword common park.

In the park there was also a lovely pond, which of course suited very well for a few wedding portraits.

Of course, there was not only the couple. There were most of the wedding guests outside the restaurant for some drinks, and enjoy the sunshine.

Surely, It is not a ladybird, but let’s say it is a good luck anyway.

The wedding lunch

The wedding lunch was as much relaxed as the whole day was. There were nice speeches as well, of course.

In fact, these were absolutely the most emotional moments of the whole weddign day.

But as all the wedding lunch, also this ended with happiness, joy and a lot of toast!

After the ceremony – The confetti

We met a little white hairy friend just outside the restaurant, and of course the bride fell in love with him.

This London wedding photography story of course continued after the wedding Lunch. As we saw, we met that lovely doggy, and then we moved to the same park we were before for the confetti photos…

and of course the tossing of the bouquet!

She was the winner by the way!!

It is time to come back home for the second part of the day. The back garden wedding reception. The bride and groom joined the other wedding guests on the double-deck wedding bus to come back home, as the wedding car had already left. Of course, It was a nice and funny journey.

Back home to back garden wedding reception

Here we are, back home!

London wedding photographer

The couple decided to keep all the food inside, and the drinks on the table outside. In the following photos there are fo sure many ideas in case you wish to go for a back garden wedding reception. You don’t need much, a good amount of fantasy, a small band for some live music, and, of course, a back garden!

The view of the back garde wedding reception from the second floor.

The cake cutting. The bride and groom decided for a deliciuos cheese wedding cake.

With some photos of the party and wedding nusic band, here we are, at the end of this day.

I hope you enjoyed this contemporary London wedding photography story. Contemporary wedding is only one of several ways to identify and categorize a modern wedding photographer. There are many more of course. Let’s think about “documentary wedding photographer”, “photojournalist wedding photographer”. There is even the most popular “alternative wedding photographer”, or the beautiful “fine art wedding”, etc. Of course, these are some of the many ideas about weddings, all legit. However, there is only one thing when we talk about being a wedding photographer: to be able to be true in the way you tell the story of the couple.

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