Contemporary Wedding Photographer London story. A Vintage wedding in 1960 style and Pastel Colours palette​

Contemporary wedding photographer london

This contemporary wedding photographer London story is not just about a wedding. It’s about a stunning style, freshness and a lot of love. First, because It is a 1960 vintage style. Second, because of the dreamy pastel colour palette. Third, because of the dreamy location. Last, but not least, because of the so much emotional moments.

wedding photographer london

So, let’s begin.

The getting ready.

The wedding began at the bride flat. When I arrived there were already all the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. Moreover, there were a few little ones, and they were very excited too.

As vintage wedding style, the wedding dress was perfectly matching the 1960 od fashion style. Above all the line and the texture of this wedding dress were absolutely raffinate and stylish.

wedding photographer london

The getting ready was smooth and relaxed, with lots of chatting and joy. It is now possible to enjoy the bridesmaids dresses and their colour pastel tone. Anyway, later there will be the group phots where you will be able to see all the beauty of this wedding.

The bride

Finally, the bride is coming. She worn the wedding dress upstairs and then she came down.

Everyone was waiting for this moment. The bridesmaids and the mother of the bride admiring the bride.

Here we are, the bride in all her beauty, in this small group of black and white bridal portraits.

Not to mention the hairstiles. Here the bride and one of the little ones during the final touch. A real lovely and delicate flowers indeed.

As I said before, this wedding was full os style, happiness and emotios. The mother of the bride got emotions when saw her daughter.

wedding photographer london

Of course, after some emotions come back the the happiness. It’s time for wedding selfie! Unfortunatelly, I just realized I have never saw that selfie, such a shame.

It’s almost time to go. Just few group photos before leaving.

The father of the bride has just arrived. This is the exact moment when he saw her daughter wearing he wedding dress for the first time.

The very last check before leaving the flat. The tension now is high, it’s time to get married.

wedding photographer London

Finally, here we go.

Wedding photographer London story – The Venue

and here we are, at the beautiful pub The Globe, in Alresford. This is a perfect pub for weddings, as it is in an autstanding location, with loads of green and a majestc lake. It is a beautiful location from a wedding photograpeher point of view as well.

The wedding ceremony was great, held in the garden just by the lake. There was a beautiful white marquee with a lot of flowers. It was great. Yes, the bride got a bit emoziona, of course.

And finally, they are husband and wife!

wedding photographer London

Now all the tension has gone. The bride and the groom get out of marquee to start celebrating, but not before the confetti!

The bride relaxing in the garden. As said before, this pub was amazing for a wedding because his lovely back garden and the lake.

The bride and her bridesmaids, posing for a group photos.

Not to mention the wedding cake. It was made of cheese, which was simpliy amazing, at least for cheese lovers 🙂

The party

It has been a long day, full of joy, happiness, emotions and love. And now, it’s only time to party.

And the wedding photographer, it’s time to go. I hope you enjoyed this wedding story…

wedding photographer london

…at least, as much as I did.

Contemporary wedding photographer london

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