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A small selection of Anna and Martin’s wedding in East London

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When and where did you meet? On Plenty of Fish dating website

Where was your first date and what did you do?
29th September 2013 We met up in Greenwich Market, wandered around, chatting and sampling the street food

Did it go well?

Anna – It was refreshing to spend time together with someone who was so honest, kind, funny and we’ve both said since, just being themselves. There was a quiver of something between us which made me know I wanted to see him again.

Martin – I was late and really apologetic, then she asked me to tell me all about the film I am writing and she listened to me, the whole thing and squealed with excitement at the end.
There was definitely a spark between us, a moment on the DLR that made us both smile awkwardly.

Who proposed to who? Martin to Anna

When? Was this date significant in any way?

19th November 2013 after a long weekend celebrating Anna’s birthday

How? On one knee of course!

Where? By the East India Dock – I wanted it to be somewhere where we would walk past everyday

Was it a surprise? Yes!

How long did it take you to organise the wedding? Long enough

Who did most of the organising? Anna with loads of support from Martin and an array of amazing helpers i.e. family & friends

What was the easiest thing to organise? Designing of the save the dates and the invites

What was the trickiest thing to organise? The travel and accommodation arrangements for Martin’s family from Spain

Did you enjoy organising the big day? Yes because it was at every step a chance to work together and learn about each other, our families and get to try out loads of nice restaurants researching where would have the reception


The ceremony venue
Why did you choose this ceremony venue? It’s local and fitted out East End wedding theme

When did you first visit the venue? Anna visited it on the off chance it did weddings after we lost our original venue

What were your first impressions? Perfect for our requirements – space, outdoors, great food, friendly staff, the decor and it’s super local and Holly who coordinated our day for us

Why did it ‘tick all the boxes’? See above

How did the venue staff help you with your plans? Holly and her team were super helpful, any thing we wanted was organised within reason including wine tasty, taxi bookings, last minute bunting hanging sessions and a space for the bride to change into her evening outfit.

The bride
How many dresses did you try on before choosing the one you did? 12
Why do you feel it suited your figure? It felt right when I tried it on. I felt I was standing tall, I felt myself, the colour of the fabric made my skin really radiant and this was important. Having my Mum & cousin Nikki Palmer from Style Foxes there really helped www.stylefoxes.co.uk

If you purchased your dress from a bridal boutique, how did they help you choose your dress? N/A

The sales assistant in the store we tried on the dress in was awesome. The dress was not on the shop floor and she saw me trying on all the different styles and happened to say – “hang on as I think we have a dress that is really you in the store room!” She was right!

Why did you decide your dress was ‘the one’? It felt right when I tried it on. I felt I was standing tall, I felt myself, the colour of the fabric made my skin really radiant and this was important. My mum & cousin loved it too.

The groom + attendants

What did the groom wear? Richard Anderson ready to wear mid blue coat & trousers, white TM Lewin shirt with collar pin, burgundy stripe Paul Smith tie, Oliver Sweeney Felino shoes in chestnut brown

Who was the best man? Mr. Douglas Dean

What is his relationship to the groom? Friend and fellow actor

How long has the groom known him? 17 years

Who were the ushers? Alvaro Gray, the groom’s brother, Julian Jones, friend of the groom and Matthew Stanford, the bride’s brother

What is their relationship to you? See above

Did the groom and the male attendants wear the same outfits? If not, how did they differ? No they did not – the dress code was red, white & blue and the invitation was for guests to interpret this for themselves

Did the groom enjoy searching for the outfits for himself, his best man and the ushers? Yes

Who helped him find the outfits? At the time I was fortunate to be working for Richard Anderson Tailors of Savile Row. Richard and his co-owner Brian Lishak advised me on the suit of my choosing. I am incredibly grateful to both of them for enabling me to wear a Savile Row suit on my wedding day.

Did you discuss what you would wear with his fiancée? Yes of course the only stipulation was that I didn’t want him to wear a navy suit as it would look like a work suit!

The bridesmaids
Who were your bridesmaids? I had a Top Lady – Hannah Kate Meredith

What is their relationship to you? One of my closest and oldest best friends.

Describe their dresses: A vintage floral dress in navy with pink flowers with a peach/dusky pink jacket

Was it difficult deciding on a dress style and colour that they all liked? No as I wanted Hannah to chose what she wore

How did you make your final decision? I left it up to Hannah to decide

Were they all happy with your decision? Yes

What bouquets did they carry? Hannanh carried my balloons and my bouquet

Why did you choose these type of flowers? The flowers were a totally random foraged set of flowers collected via a walk in Victoria Park on the morning before the wedding, a gift of white roses from my friend Sharon Agates ( Hannah and I spent the night before the wedding in Agape Cottage being pampered to the nines by Sharon) and flowers from my Mum’s and Aunty Bo’s gardens. My Mum & Aunt hand made my bouquet and the button holes for close family members
We used vintage Paul Smith ribbon and my wedding garter to wrap the handle of my bouquet

The flowergirls and pageboys
Who were your flowergirls? N/A

What is their relationship to you? N/A

Who was your pageboy? N/A

What is his relationship to you? N/A

Why did you decide to have flowergirls? N/A

Why did you decide to have a pageboy? N/A

What flowers did you have for your bouquet? White roses, hydrangeas, blue delphiniums, coral roses,

Did you use these in the other floral decorations? We had foraged flowers at the venue in jam jars that Holly organised for us at The Printhouse

Why did you decide to have these particular flowers? I wanted foraged flowers from my local neighbourhood and family gardens to be sustainable and eco.

How did your florist advise you in your choice? My mum and I attended Lauren Craig (artist and founder of Thinking Flowers) wedding flower bouquet workshop at the V&A for inspiration. And I was always clear on having foraged flowers from my local neighbourhood and family gardens

What did you use to decorate your reception room? Bunting made out of photographs at the main entrance of all the people who could not be there for various reasons including grandparents, family and friends who have passed on.

Hand made bunting made by Lauren Geisler, Scarlett Spiro Beazley and Jodie Sadler from upcycled fabrics scraps from shirt and suiting fabric samples. Pop up photo booth area with fancy dress basket

What were your table centrepieces? 12” vinyl records with a red chilli plant from Columbia Road market with the table names made in paper with mini bunting and night light candles in jam jars made by Holly @ The Print house

Why did you and your husband decide on these arrangements? We love music and decided to theme the tables around styles of music e.g Blue Note, Acid Jazz, Hip Hop You Don’t Stop,

Was it a difficult decision to make? No we loved coming with the different ideas together

Who did your hair and make-up? Nikki Palmer my amazing cousin who is also an accomplished make up artist and stylist www.stylefoxes.co.uk

Why did you ask this person to do your hair and make-up? She is my cousin, super talented and she was my first choice and offered to do this for me. I was super chuffed as I know how amazing she is and how much I wanted to feel relaxed and have fun doing it on the morning

How did it differ your make-up differ from usual? I asked to look as natural and authentic as possible – it differed as I hardly ever wear much make up and what she created was so light, easy to wear and I felt amazing in it

How many different hairstyles did you try out? A couple

Did you wear any hair accessories? Yes vintage netting from an old hat I used to wear to festivals and in the evening part of our day a hand made blue bow lent to me by my good friend.

If yes, what? Why did you choose this? The netting linked nicely with my dress and overall look plus I didn’t want a veil.

What were you most pleased with in your overall look? How well it all looked together, the dress fitted the make up felt and how I felt as ease in it

Who made the cake? We were lucky enough to have 3 different heart shaped cakes made for us by

Anna’s Mum – Penny Stanford Carrot cake
Anna’s Aunty & Godmother – Bo Palmer Lemon drizzle cake
Martin’s Mum’s friend – Rosemary White iced fruit cake

How did you incorporate your theme and colours? The fruit cake was iced in a plain white royal icing and Rosemary hand made red icing roses that we put on top with hand made mini bunting to match our table centre piece

What did you like most about your cake? That we had 3 different ones to share with our guests

Did it taste good? Yes!

What did you and your cakemaker discuss with regards to your requirements for your cake? Mainly how big the cakes needed to be to make sure we had enough for everyone plus heart shaped

How did you travel to the ceremony venue? Anna – Taxi Martin – Taxi

Who did you travel with? Anna – Her mum and Hannah, her Top Lady

Martin – with Douglas Dean, best man

Did you hire a car and chauffeur for the day? Why?/Why not? No – we wanted to keep the East London theme by getting taxi cabs

How did you travel from the ceremony to the reception? Its less than ½ mile the bride and groom with our photographer took a detour to 3 Mills for a bit time on our own after the ceremony and more photographs

What was the best bit about this journey? The detour – playing in the Wild Kingdom park near Three Mills and having time together in the sunshine

Did you lay on any daytime entertainment for your guests? No

If yes, what? Was this a success? Why?

Did you have a DJ or band in the evening? No we worked out a playlist of our shared favourite tunes for a during the wedding breakfast track listing and evening / on the dancefloor / dancing tunes listing

Why did you make this choice? To keep the evening simple

Were they good? N/A

What music did they play? N/A
How did you go about choosing them? N/A

Would you recommend them? N/A

How did you choose your photographer? Would you recommend them? Please explain.

We were gifted a chance to work with Corado Chozzi via Gerard Sexton, Anna’s Dad. They are both professional photographers and it was an amazing chance to co-create a set of memorial and truly artistic images from our day.

Yes we would recommend him – he was unobtrusive, creative, part of our day and came up with an mind blowing amount of different style images from the smallest details through to lovely candid reportage style shots which was what we wanted as we are not into the more formal style of wedding photography.

In all the choices that you had to make in the organisation of your wedding, what worked really well on the day?

Having a time plan and then being open to watching totally run off with itself but that being ok as we knew our amazing best man and top lady plus the team @ The Print House led by Holly had it all covered.

Did you have any original ideas that you’re particularly proud of?

Hand made Pop Art style designed invites by Anna’s Mum with scanned images from our shared and family live

Upcycled bunting made with scraps of fabric from our old clothes and from shirt and suiting fabric samples.

Bunting made out of photographs at the main entrance of all the people who could not be there for various reasons including grandparents, family and friends who have passed on.

What do you feel made your wedding day stand out from other people’s?

How much we held true to our vision of keeping it real, authentic, local and inclusive of our creative friends and family members who we wanted to help us make our day memorable and truly a one off i.e. we didn’t buy any stuff off wedding websites. Decorations, save the date, invites and thank you cards were hand made, wedding favours were sourced from ethical stores and were possible materials recycled, upcycled or foraged.

Do you have a top tip for brides-to-be & grooms (up to 30 words, please)

It’s about two people co-creating what they both want for their special day. Keep it simple, give away as much to others to do and have lots of spas together.

HONEYMOON. Please supply a high-res jpeg of you and your husband on your honeymoon
Where did you go? Sardinia
Why did you choose this destination? Neither of us had been before but we had both wanted to. Several friends told us that it was beautiful, relatively unspoilt by tourism and would still have good weather in mid October.
Who organised the honeymoon? We researched it together, finding two very different apartments on AirB&B. One, a rooftop apartment with private terrace just outside Cagliari and the other a large ground floor apartment with private swimming pool in the small & fairly remote village of Tratalias.
Did you enjoy your break? We had a wonderful time exploring Cagliari and South West Sardinia and will definitely return and for a longer time.
What was the best part of your honeymoon? Visiting the islands of San Antonio and Isola di San Pietro plus visiting the Teatro Lirico to see Tosca and enjoy the Aqua Journey at the T Hotel in Cagliari.

East London wedding | wedding photographer London

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