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Pub wedding London

This is pub wedding venues London story, a modern and contemporary wedding day. The ceremony was in Wandsworth and the reception in Clapham Junction.

Pub wedding london

It was not actually a wedding, as the couple got married abroad before. It was a wedding blessing ceremony. The couple decided to celebrate their wedding in the Church with the relatives and friends of London and the UK. So, basically they were already legally married, therefore there were no legal effects involved.

After the ceremony, we moved to the Roundhouse pub to celebrate. The pub is in Clapham Junction, precisely in 2 North Side Wandsworth Common, SW18 2SS, just in case you wish to visit it.

Let’s begin this modern and joyful wedding blessing story

The getting ready

The getting ready was in a house in Wandsworth, with many relatives and friends of the couple. It was clearly not formal at all, but rather open, friendly and joyful.

Let’s have a look at the dress. I liked it for two reasons. First, it was a modern style green dress. Second, it was very simple, a true minimalist wedding dress.

wedding photographer

Joy and laugh was definitely the leitmotiv of this wedding blessing celebration. The bride, actually, the wife, worn a green modern wedding dress, Her sister and best friends helped her for the hairdressing

The weather was incredible, with a shiny sun all day long.

Of curse, with such a great mood throughout the whole morning, the preparation went just smooth and fine. Everyone relaxed like it was a normal Sunday morning lunch with the family and friends.

Walking to the church

The church was in Wandsworth, really close to the couple family house. Therefore we walked to it, together with family and friends. After all, it was an amazing sunny day.

Of course, during the walk, we had some time for some photos of the bride and her friends and family.

The Church

Finally, here we are, at the church for the wedding blessing ceremony.

Finally, the Roundhouse pub

What about the pub wedding venues in London? It is the topic of this blog post, so let’s have a look at this pub.

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