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Charlton House | Wedding Photography London

Wedding photography from my last wedding that took place in Charlson House in London.

From the bride:

Rugby meets Winnie the Pooh

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” A.A.Milne – Winnie The Pooh
For us on our wedding day what was important were the people we had around us and creating a relaxed and sunny atmosphere for everyone involved. We were lucky to have lots of people who were able to contribute things and help out on the day as well as having really good companies, which helped make everything run smoothly.

The main food and drinks for the day were supplied by Relish who managed to provide for our eclectic food tastes as well as import in Champagne Cider for our toast drink, something myself and the groom both really love, probably due to us both being keen rugby players! Everyone mentioned how lovely the food was and especially liked that there was the option for ‘seconds’ for some who have larger appetites!

The staff at the venue, Charlton House, were fantastically helpful in the lead up and on the day and made everyone feel very welcome. The main reception took place in the Grand Library, which was really in keeping with our passion for books and literature and inspired the idea for the favours.

Everyone had an individual quote on an envelope, which contained seeds to be planted. These also worked as place names for the guests. Our florists were wonderful and provided beautiful and simple arrangements of sunflowers, chrysanthemums, gerberas and wild flowers for the different flower arrangements. The potted sunflowers were then used as gifts to family members and friends who were unable to attend.

We were extremely lucky to have both the main Wedding Cake and all the cakes we had for our ‘Afternoon Tea and Cake’ made for us by friends and family, they were both beautiful to look at and eat and many thanks to Christina and Octavia Hoyte for these.

Finally we had possibly the best luck with our wonderful wedding photographer who truly was there for the entire day from getting ready in the hotel in the morning, till the last guest left the venue, snapping away and capturing the beauty of the best day we’ve had.

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Vintage Wedding | Wedding Photography London

vintage wedding photography

Wedding photography from Sarah and Paul’s beautiful 50’s vintage wedding that took place in at the Orangery in Holland Park London.

From the bride:

The first thing that Paul and I decided was that we wanted to be married in London. Although neither of us grew up here, it’s where we have lived together for the past 4 years and is our favourite city.

We chose the Orangery in Holland Park for the ceremony as it is just beautiful without being fussy and we liked that it was a public place that we could visit again and again. April 6th turned out to be the sunniest day of the year so far and after the service, the weather was perfect to enjoy canapés on the lawn outside – the service provided by Bovingdons caterers was warm, friendly and tasty!

With such a classic ceremony venue we wanted something a bit different for the reception, something that captured the urban side of London. The Loft Studios in Willesden was perfect and we were able to add our own touches that complemented the old brickwork, white tiles and wooden beams. We transported our guests from one venue to the other on the old routemaster buses. This celebrated the fact that the wedding was in London and fitted in to our vintage theme. The flowers to decorate the Loft were ordered online and arranged by myself, my Maid of Honour and my Aunt, who used to work in the floristry industry. We (with the help of my nan and the WI!) had collected jam jars for over a year and once decorated with lace and hessian, made excellent vases!

My husband and I both love anything vintage and this was reflected throughout. Some of our friends and family made cupcakes and these were displayed on a traditional dressing room table – this was fitting because the Loft’s main purpose is a modelling studio. We hired a traditional fish and chip van for the catering (who doesn’t like fish and chips!?) and live music was provided by a friend of ours and his band, playing a range of covers from the 60’s onwards.

For the favours we collected china tea cups, saucers and plates for the guests to have their after dinner drinks in and take home. We, with the help of family and friends, collected these from charity shops over the course of a year and our guests loved that they could keep these and use them over and over. We also used photos for our table plan and asked guests to stick their picture alongside their message in the guestbook.

The occasion was made even more personal by a painting on the wall of the two us by one of my husband’s work colleagues, painted in a 50’s style. This was my wedding gift from him and it fit in well to the style of the reception. A big surprise we had in store for our guests was a flashmob dance halfway through the evening. My best girl friends are I studied Dance at university but seeing the boys bust a move certainly had everybody laughing!

The most important thing for us was that our wedding was a little different from the norm and reflected our own personalities. This was one of the main reasons why our guests had such a good time and the one piece of advice I would give to anybody planning a wedding is to do things the way that you want – its worth a little bit of work and not giving in to the easy option! You also don’t have to spend lots of money to make the room look beautiful or to keep people fed and smiling.


Wedding photography London | Civil partnership | Stephen Fry | BBC

Wedding photography from Steven and Andrew’s civil partnership ceremony that took place in Chelsea register office.

Steven is from Belfast and Andrew from Scotland and they met twelve years ago in Gran Canaria. They kept in touch for few year and finally, seven years ago, they rekindled the relationship. In February 15th 2013, they get marry in Kings roads, London, at the Chelsea register office. It was a small ceremony with just 25 close friends and family, which was also filmed by the BBC for an upcoming documentary hosted by Stephen Fry, who was there as well. The reception took place at the famous Blue Bird restaurant, also in Kings Road, which was the original site of the Blue bird car garage, made famous by it’s association with Alistair Campbell and the Land Speed record attempts.

Wedding photography London | Civil partnership | Stephen Fry | BBC