Wedding photographer London | A story of a destination fine art wedding

Wedding photographer London

Wedding photographer London | This is the second part of a wedding story we spoke about my last blog. The couple tied the knot at the St. Bartholomew’s Church in Barbican and then celebrated at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair.

However, that story was not over. The couple flew to Taiwan a few days after to keep going to the celebration, and I had the privilege to be their photographer for that event as well.

Here is the story

The dining room at the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel

After the wedding in London, the couple moved to Taipei for a banquet at the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel. This is the dining room at the Hotel.

The big Print of the wedding at the Connaught outside the dining room at the Sheraton
That is to say, It has been an incredible experience, as I had to select and edit the best photos within 2 days, and send them to the couple via email, to let them print the photos and use them for the destination wedding. Basically, they printed the best one 2×1 meter and hanged on the wall of the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, to help the guests find their dining room for the wedding banquet.

The wedding dresses | wedding photographer London
Even though the bride kept her wedding dress from the wedding in London at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair, she also had another wedding dress. So, on the left, you can see a  typical Taiwanese wedding dress the bride chose for the banquet.

The bride

Once again, let’s meet the bride getting ready at the Sheraton Hotel.

The bride getting ready
Just between the Sheraton Hotel and the dining room, there are few private rooms where the bride got ready, helped by the hairdresser and some relatives. 

Black and White photo of the bride checking at the mirar
Even though there are not so many black and white photos, here the bride checking herself in the mirror. 

The groom suit
While the bride was getting ready, I also moved to the groom place, who was getting ready at the very same hotel. A photo of his suit.

The groom

Wedding photographer London | A story of a destination fine art wedding | The groom having breakfast
Of course, he was had a bit more time to enjoy some breakfast, as the groom preparation is way quicker the bride getting ready.

The wedding tie
Obviously, I took some photos around, keeping an eye on the wedding details, like the tie. 

The thank you cards with the photo of the London wedding at The Connaught
Finally, some more of the wedding photos I took at the wedding in London, at the Connaught Hotel and at St. Bartholomew’s Church. The bride and the goom printed the best, as I said before, and used as thank you cards as well.

The groom preparation for the wedding
Again, we are back to the groom room. The breakfast is done, time to get ready, and of course, there is some tension for this very important day. 

Wedding photographer London | A story of a destination fine art wedding | Wedding tiara
At the same time, the bride preparation is almost done. We can admire here the wedding tiara she has chosen for the day.

The groom ready for the wedding
Then again, the groom is almost ready as well, just the time for the last check and whish to himself the best of luck for this very important day.

The bride explaining how she wants the tiara and the veil
After having tried the tiara, is time to final adjustment. As we said before, the bride will be wearing two different dresses for this event. Therefore, as a first wedding dress, she chose the one she had worn at the wedding in London.  

Wedding photographer London | The wedding veil
Obviously, with the same beautiful wedding veil.

Black and white bride photo | Wedding photographer London
Finally, it is time to go. I took this photo from the preparation room, and really liked the way the bride is waiting in the corridor. I spoke about how much I do love symmetry, even in wedding photographs, in the previous blog post about the story of their wedding in London the week before.

Wedding photographer London Part 2 | The ceremony

The happy bride looking at the dining room photo
As can be seen, the bride was really happy about the main bog photo outside the Sheraton Hotel dining room. She didn’t see that photo before, as she was busy in the changing room getting ready, meanwhile, the photo was hanged on the wall. 

The wedding dress and the shoes
Besides the wedding dress, the bride kept also the same wedding shoes of the previous ceremony in London. 

A little wedding Guest hold by her father
Here we go, the ceremony is going to begin and the guests are coming. 

The photo of the wedding in London are shown at the banquet reception the week after
So, the photo I took at the wedding in London at the Connaught the week before, were used

First – for the main photo outside the dining room

Second – for the thank-you cards

Third – to be shown during the dinner in a few screens in the dining room.

Finally, after all this preparation, the bride and the groom enter the dining room where all the guests were waiting for them. 

First, they said hello to the guests.

The bride and the groom at the wedding banquet
And then, they enjoyed the banquet meal.

Wedding photographer London | Bride preparazione
Then, as said before, the bride changed her wedding dress with another one, a typical Taiwanese wedding dress.

The grog
And of course, the groom was waiting for the bride. 

Here we are, the second entering the dining room with the new wedding dress.

Wedding photographer London | A little guests playing on the sofas
Even though it was a quite formal ceremony, the kids found time and space to play as well. 

Wedding photographer London | Part 3 The Sea

Wedding photographer London | walking by the Sea
This is the last and most beautiful part of the wedding, having a walk with the bride and the groom by the sea outside Taipei.

Wedding photographer London | A black and white photo of the bride and the groom by the sea
Of course, it’s time for some black and white photo of the couple by this beautiful panorama.

Wedding photographer London | The couple by the Sea
And some in colour as well…

Black and white bride and groom | Wedding photographer London
This beautiful day is going to the end.

Wedding photographer London | The bride and the groom by the Sea.
Just the time to find a place to relax… 

Wedding photographer London | the bride and the groom by the Sea
I hope you enjoyed this wedding story, who began in London, at the Connaught, and finished by the sea in Taipei. 

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