Alternative wedding London – A back garden reception in the couple’s home

Alternative wedding london 1
Back garden wedding reception

Alternative wedding in London means many things, from the type of the couple, maybe quirky and vintage, or the style of the photos, which is basically related to the wedding photographer. In this case, alternative wedding London is actually related to the kind of wedding the couple have chosen for their special day.

This was a fairly small and intimate wedding in London. The bride got ready in their house, and the ceremony was in a church not far from their neighbourhood. Then, they hired a couple of room in a restaurant for the wedding lunch.


then, finally, they got back home for the wedding reception.

backyard wedding reception

Alternative wedding London with a Back garden reception


Wedding photographer London. From the bride: After lunch at Chez Bruce a Routemaster bus drove us the short journey back to our house where we carried on the celebrations in our garden. Adam took me by surprise, scooping me up and carrying me over our doorstep, much to my delight! It meant so much to us to open our home to those we loved. Under festoon lighting, we danced to live music provided by THE DEVILLES. It was so special enjoying our first dance in our garden on the decking that Adam and his father had built surrounded by everyone we loved.

Here we are. From this photo taken from the first floor of the hous you can see the garden in its actual size. When you decide to have a small and intimate wedding, the backyard wedding reception is definitely an option you should consider. 

Wedding photographer London | Alternative wedding | Back garden reception

The reception in the back garden from the second floor of the flat


Wedding photographer London

The solution of the drinks was easy and simple. They just set a table with amazing options for drinks. Then, the party is on. About the food, it was actually inside, just behind the garden door.


Back garden reception

A moment of the evening back garden wedding party.


Back garden reception

Finally, when the evening came there was just chill live music, chatting and relax. Here, the band hired for the backyard wedding reception playing during the evening party.

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