Wedding Photographer London story in an Old Church Venue

Old church venue - wedding photographer london

This Wedding Photographer London story about a fabolous wedding in an Old Church Venue.

Let’s begin this wedding story

The bride and the bridesmaids

Here we are, the bridesmaids and the bride almost ready to enter the Church

Definetely one of the best photo a wedding photographer can take, the groom expression when he sees the bride entering the church or the ceremony room.

Wedding photographer London

Wedding photographer London story – The ceremony

Finally, the bride entering the church, ready to tie the knot.

wedding photographer london

A few photos of the couple at the altar of this lovely church.

And finally, husband and wife!

Not to mention this lovely moment from this privileged point of view. The bride and the groom just right before their first kiss as just declared husband and wife. It is definitely my favourite photo of this wedding story. The moment was a bit slow, so I had the chance to frame the photo as I wanted, and the church in the background helped very much.

Old church venue - wedding photographer london
The bride and grog first kiss as husband and wife.

Here the ceremony was just ending, with the bride and groom preparing to get out if the church.

Before going to the old church for the wedding reception we spent a few moments in tghe backyard of the ceremony church. The wedding guests had some drinks, the children played and me and the bride and groom took some wedding photos. This one, in particular, was a nice bench surroundend by grass and flowers, a rellay good place for some nice portraits of the newly husband and wife.

Again, some more photos just before leaving.

As I mentioned before, the kids played a lot during this moment of rest and relaxing.

Old Church Venue

Finally, here we are, in the old church ready for the ceremony. They set up the altar with a long table to seat the bride and groom and their parents and close relatives.

Old church venue - wedding photographer london

Here we can admire the gorgeous set of the old church, with the tables and sweets.

The speeches!

Old church venue - wedding photographer london

Last but not least, the wedding dancing! I hope you enjoyed it.

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