Wedding photographer London story – Southampton

This wedding photographer London story is about a lovely wedding in Southampton

Let’s begin with the getting ready

Wedding photographer London story - Southampton
The bride and her bridesmaids were in a lovely flat with a beautiful view on the sea.

When there is a beautiful weather with a bright sun, the wedding dress looks even nicer.

As mentioned, with this beautiful bright sun I took the photos of the wedding bouquet and shoes in the balcony. Not to mention the lovely view from that balcony.

When the bride shows the wedding dress to th ebridesmaids.

Wedding photographer London – The ceremony at the Church

Wedding photorapher London
Let’s say that this church suits very well for the wedding family photos.
Wedding photographer London
and of course, the same family photo with all the best men.

Finally, one of the best moment of every wedding, the confetti! At this moment, the bride and groom are just became Husband and Wife. This means, above all, that all the tension has finally vanished, and what is left is only joy and happiness.

Wedding photographer London

After the ceremony we went to the venue, which was the Hilton Hotel in Southampton. All the flowers were on the same warm pastel colour theme. They hired a huge conference room wich was set with many tables and a dancefloor at the center of the room. In that space there was the wedding cake and, on the bride and groom table.

The flower theme of this wedding was a beautiful pastel warm colour, with an autumn hint. The same was for the groom and the best men flowers.

Wedding photographer London

The last part – The bride and groom portraits.

Finally, when we arrived at the hotel, there was some time for some portraits of the bride and groom. Luckily, the Hilton Hotel has a lovely park and small lake, which was great for wedding photos!

I hope you have enjoyed this wedding story.

Wedding photgorapher London

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